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Meetup Style One on One Dating !

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Ahh, the single life:


  • The matchmaking service says that they have done an exhaustive search for someone who matches you at several levels. You get dressed up, and you get your hopes up, only to be disappointed. Would it be nice to casually meet  a new person one on one with no expectations other than company and conversation?


  • It's the weekend. All your friends are either married or in relationships. You want to go out, but there's nothing worst than being alone in a room full of unrelated couples. Would it be nice to be part of the Friday and Saturday evening scene again?


  • Thumbs getting sore scrolling through pictures of people only to be surprised at a person's actual appearance when you meet them? Are people surprised when they meet you in person? Would it be nice to scroll through people in person and have fun at the same time?


Welcome to FridaySaturdayDate !


Online dating is all about being photogenic, and if you are photogenic, it can be fun. Matchmaking services can be expensive, bigoted, and generally don't provide enough dates for the money.


No matter how much we all hope to magically meet our soul mate on the first or second try, the fact is, that for many of us, finding a soul mate is a complicated game of numbers -- put another way, if you only date 2 or 3 potential partners a year, how long before you meet the right one?


The more people you meet and date, the more you learn about yourself and what you really want, and knowing yourself is key to really getting to know someone else.


FridaySaturdayDate aims to get you dating and learning with no preconceived notions about who you should or shouldn't date.


FridaySaturdayDate encourages you to understand and practice safe dating. Have fun, but know the risks.



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